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Denman Island......A Natural, Rural Paradise! 


Denman Island, one of the Northern Gulf Islands, is just a short ferry ride from Vancouver Island where it enjoys the beauty of a West Coast rain forest surrounded by the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Deman has a variety of oceanfront, lakefront and marshfront real estate for sale including bare land, rustic cabins and luxury estates.

denman1You will feel the stresses of the outside world  slip away as you drive off the ferry and head to  your island home or cottage getaway.  No need  for high heels and business suits on Denman  Island.  Hiking boots and Gortex are the haute  couture of the island.  The temperate climate  throughout the year encourages the enjoyment  of the lush forest, rocky coves, sandy beaches  and  many  hiking  trails. Outdoor  activities  include  canoeing,  kayaking,  swimming,  biking,  hiking,  fishing,  beachcombing  and  horseback  riding.   

  1. Island  boasts  an  active,  inclusive  and  vibrant  community---a  community that encourages and supports individuality and creativity.  Tucked  down the winding lanes of the island are a great many artists, artisans and  authors who draw their inspiration  from  the island’s natural beauty  and  whose work is featured at the widely acclaimed Denman Island Christmas  Faire.  The community now possesses a new Arts Centre that offers gallery  space and courses in a wide variety of arts and crafts.  And there is no  shortage of great music on the Island.  Concerts Denman offers a varied  slate  of  concerts  every  year  ranging  from  jazz  to  opera  to  folk  and  bluegrass.  Students  at  the  well  appointed  Elementary  School  benefit  greatly from the many talented Denmanites who volunteer at the school and  share their enthusiasm and expertise with the children.   

denman2Peace and tranquility are a given on Denman Island  where your solitude will only be broken by the kiyee of  the eagles overhead, the raucous arguments of the  crows, the gabble of the ducks or the barking of the  sea lions.  Each spring brings a new crop of fawns  often seen in the clearings with their mothers. tidal pools around the island offer a marine world of tiny rock crabs, sea  urchins and anemones and the wondrous moon snails and there are clams and  oysters to be had by those with a shovel, a bucket and a license.  

  1. denman3Denman  beaches  offer  stunning  views  of  the  ocean,  the  multihued  sunsets,  Vancouver  Island  and  the  snowcapped  mainland mountains.  Beachcombing is a favourite  pastime on the Island and it is no surprise that  many  island  homes  sport  creative  uses  of  driftwood  used  as  pillars,  beams  and  handrails.   The beach stroll is also the perfect place to meet  and greet your neighbours and island visitors.  It is  not uncommon for a meeting of two or three people  to turn into an island gathering with the discussion  turning  from  fishing  to  current  events  to  an  invitation  to  supper.  Hospitality  is  the  rule  on  Denman.   

denman4Denman Island is home to three provincial parks.   Walk the winding, picturesque trail through the  majestic  forest  of  Boyle  Point  Park  at  the  southern end of the island to the lookout with its  spectacular panoramic views over Chrome Island  and down Georgia Strait.   

Fillongley Park is an 80 acre park and campground  on the eastern shore of the Island.  The 10 site  campground is located on the beach and enjoys  great views across the ocean to Texada Island  and the Coast Range Mountains.  The sandy beach  and the variety and wealth of sea life make  Fillongley a popular destination for residents and visitors alike.  Hikers will  enjoy the network of trails through the forest and along the salmon bearing  stream.   

Sandy Island Provincial Park at the northern end of Denman Island features  a unique ecosystem located on Tree Island which can  be accessed from  Denman Island by foot at low tide or by boat or kayak.     


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