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About Us:

  • Waterfront West is the leading online marketplace dedicated exclusively to British Columbia waterfront and view property sales.

  • We represent a variety of waterfront property sellers including agents, private sellers and developers.
  • Since our launch in 2006, we have averaged over 100, 000 unique visitors/year interested in B.C. waterfront property and created a following of buyers who are looking to purchase B.C. waterfront for sale.



Launched by Sharleen Kneeland (Whiteside) in May of 2006, www.waterfrontwest.com is a unique web site offering advertising to sellers of waterfront and water view properties in British Columbia. At Waterfront West, we firmly believe that the future of the internet lies in niche markets and interactivity. That is why when we came up with the concept of a site exclusively devoted to buyers and sellers of BC waterfront, we decided to get a jump on the competition and dominate the market.

Today, we attract thousands of visitors/month from places as close as Alberta and as far as Dubai. We have been featured on CBC News, Calgary News at 6 and in newspapers such as The Vancouver SunThe Edmonton Journal and the Times Colonist. Waterfront West reaches a very targeted market of serious waterfront buyers.





  • First Page Google Results.

While Google Results can vary, Waterfront West is consistently in first page search results (usually Top 5) for the term "B.C. waterfront" and gets Top 10 organic search results for numerous other B.C. waterfront real estate search terms.


  • High Page Views = High Level of Interest.

Our visitors "stick" to our site. Our visitors stay for an average of 6.7 page views while 20% stay for longer than 20 minutes. 


  • Mobile and Social Media Friendly.

Buyers can visit our site which is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts reach additional buyers and sellers across the web.


How do buyers find your site?


  • Search engine domination.

Because we are a unique and large site focusing exclusively on B.C. waterfront, we rank high in the major search engines for a plethora of BC waterfront search terms. In addition to being in the top 10 results on Google for the term "B.C. waterfront", we are also well indexed on numerous other search engines.


smbuyers2-1Pay Per Click and Internet Wide Advertising.

The internet is our business and we put our money where it counts. We run continuing pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Facebook. In addition, we purchase banner advertising on other select web sites that attract our visitors.



  • Press Coverage 

Waterfront West has received excellent coverage in the press through our strong public relations. We have been featured on CBC News, Calgary News at 6 and in newspapers such as The Vancouver Sun , The Edmonton Journal and the Times Colonist to name a few. 


  • Links to our Blog Articles from Other Luxury Real Estate Websites

We have been featured on other real estate web sites that represent luxury properties around the world. In this way, our site brings your properties to international real estate buyers through multiple venues.


Who visits Waterfront West?


  • visitorsLuxury Visitors.

Our visitors represent a professional demographic of high-end home buyers working in financial institutions, government, energy companies, health and entertainment organizations. In addition, our site is visited by real estate brokers and agents, as well as upscale property developers.


  • Local and International.

Our visitors hail from all areas of Canada, as well as the US, Germany, the UK and hundreds of other countries. Within Canada, our top three provinces are B.C., Alberta and Ontario. Albertans comprise between 20-25% of our Canadian traffic on a regular basis.


  • Internet Savvy.

Our visitors are up-to-date on the latest technology. Approximately 60% are using Windows, 16% Mac and 20% IOS or other mobile devices.


Waterfront West Demographics

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.03.14 AM







Waterfront West is on the first page of Google search results (usually Top 5)  for a wide range of BC waterfront real estate terms.

Thousands of unique visitors/month come to our site to look at BC waterfront properties for sale.

Qualified Buyers


Our niche market attracts qualified buyers working for energy and technology companies, provincial health authorities, banks and cities.

The screen capture to the right shows some of the top companies of visitors accessing Waterfront West. 

Our Visitor Origins: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, etc...


The majority of our search traffic originates from cities you are most likely already directing your marketing efforts at: Greater Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria. Why spend thousands of dollars on reaching buyers in these cities with print in local papers, etc... when you have a captive audience of people in these cities who have come to Waterfront West specifically looking for B.C. waterfront real estate for sale (for substantially less)? 

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.43.16 AM


Who Can Advertise on Waterfront West? 


  • Private Sellers

If you are private seller who owns BC waterfront real estate, you can post a single property ad on our site for as little as $149.95+GST.


  • Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent representing one or more BC waterfront or view properties for sale, you can advertise on Waterfront West. You can either post a single property or take advantage of our special packages for agents with multiple properties which include exclusive branding opportunities in our "Find an Agent" section. 


  • Developers.

If you are marketing a BC waterfront or view development, sign-up for our "Development Pro" package and have it appear in our "Find a Development" section in addition to our regular search results. 


A Few Testimonials From our Clients:

"The Dave Koszegi Real Estate Team has been thrilled to work with Waterfront West since its inception.  Dave’s recent google + chat with Sharleen Kneeland about waterfront properties on Sproat Lake was highly successful.  We can easily attribute a considerable amount of our Sproat Lake business to Waterfront West’s online marketing and social media services.  They are always on top of the latest technology and  their websites, blog, google+ page, etc. are always an interesting read and contain valuable information for both buyers and agents interested in BC waterfront real estate.  They do a phenomenal job of connecting agents and buyers and their marketing services come highly recommended by the Dave Team!"

Dave Koszegi Real Estate Team

"I have advertised with www.waterfrontwest.com for several months now and the response has been phenomenal.  Unlike direct mail or print advertising, the percentage of leads and sales generated has been extremely high.  The process is easy and painless – as is the cost! Advertising with www.waterfrontwest.com has far exceeded my expectations as visitors to the site, in my experience, have been more qualified, serious buyers than from any other source.  I definitely recommend utilizing this site as an advertiser – you get a lot of bang for your buck.  I will be advertising with www.waterfrontwest.com on as many developments as I can."

Amanda Hawrysh
Investment Consultant

"Qualicum Landing has been advertising our development on Waterfront West since we started selling our luxury beach homes last April (2009), and the response has been phenomenal. 

As marketing director for Qualicum Landing, I focus a good amount of my time making sure our website is getting as many hits per week as possible and Waterfront West has been a  key component in achieving numbers of up to 4500 per month.

The website is easy to navigate and very well optimized.  In short, I would highly recommend Waterfront West to any developer or seller looking to enhance their web presence and capturing a worldwide audience."

Anna DiFiore

Marketing Director
Qualicum Landing Developments  |  www.qualicumlanding.com


Target a Niche Audience of B.C. Waterfront Buyers

on Waterfront West.



Packages From $149.95+GST





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