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Cariboo Chilcotin


The further north one goes in British Columbia the fewer people there tends to be. This means that the definition of luxury real estate is likely to change along with one’s surroundings. When a person from Vancouver thinks of luxury real estate it is likely that a posh condominium with the latest amenities and a view of the Pacific Ocean comes to mind. The location is generally surrounded by the very latest in terms of recreational opportunities for the modern urban citizen.

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Ranch in Cariboo

Northern British Columbia has an entirely different definition of luxury real estate, one much more tempered by the rural nature of the communities here. One of the most scarcely populated regions of the province is the Cariboo Chilcotin region, located north of Kamloops and south of Prince George. The actual region includes hundreds of square miles of truly pristine wilderness.

For the person whose definition of luxury real estate includes privacy and setting, the Cariboo Chilcotin can be a paradise on earth. The very remoteness of even the cities of the region can mean an ability to enjoy a dream property with a dream view and all the recreational opportunities that the rugged country around can afford. Here you will find trophy and ranch properties perfect for the avid hunter, outdoorsman (or woman!)  and privacy galore. Let’s take a look at some of the areas where one can find some million-dollar homes within a very natural setting.

Wells Gray Region

Wells Gray Provincial Park is 5,000 square kilometres of provincial land protected for the most part from development. The area includes several high mountains, perfect for heli-skiing, as well as miles of hiking and back country bike trails.

One of the most popular draws in Wells Gray country is the abundance of fresh water which runs through many of the communities. It is along these bodies that one will find some of the finest luxury homes the region has to offer, waterfront houses overlooking some of the most pristine natural water courses to be found anywhere in the world.

Communities in Wells Gray country where one can find some prime pieces of luxury real estate include Blue River, Clearwater, and Little Fort. You won’t find much in the way of five star dining and the few golf courses can best be termed as rugged, but for the person whose idea of luxury living includes an opportunity to develop a piece of pristine and scenic real estate as a base for some rewarding outdoor activities the Wells Gray country is a perfect fit.
Cariboo Proper

To the west of the Wells Gray part of the Chilcotin and Cariboo region lies the Cariboo proper. This region includes a few small towns, none of which exceed the 30,000 mark in terms of population. Quesnel and Williams Lake are the main urban centres in this part of the region.

As with the Wells Gray country, the Cariboo region has very little in the way of what an urban eye would call luxury real estate opportunities. The main modern attraction as far as living is guaranteed to be the Tobiano Estates, now currently under construction. This site is located just south of Savona, and will include modern luxury homes along a five star golf course. Both the course and the homes situated on it will overlook scenic Kamloops Lake. The whole area is destined to be a small section of paradise within a desert setting (think Arizona).

Nechako river
River Views

The further north in the Cariboo one goes, the easier it is to see that it is the landscape that truly defines luxury real estate. While people become scarce, the opportunities for scenic real estate seem to grow. There are hundreds of lakes and rivers within the Cariboo and Chilcotin regions that include waterfront property opportunities as can be found nowhere else in the world.

Because of the small population within the Cariboo area, luxury properties tend to come in packages that can best be described as vast. A dollar goes a long way, and this helps define the type of real estate that people are interested in within the region. Ranch and trophy properties tend to be the most popular buys in this region. The big appeal of both types of property is the tract of land that is generally included. Often, the property will butt up against free flowing water or lakes, the perfect location for a majestic ranch house.

Of course, some people might be more interested in the idea of a rustic cabin in the Cariboo, and this type of property is also available. In fact, the regions around Horsefly and Quesnel Lakes are home to properties that both the tycoon and the young family would find appealing. There are resort acreages as well as small cabins all along the shoreline, although spaced out enough to make anyone forget that they have neighbours. 

When it comes to luxury living, the Cariboo Chilcotin region of British Columbia is all about spacious living with majestic natural views. There are many pieces of real estate within the area where one can find a perfect residence or vacation home, located just outside the modern hassle of life. Enjoy a winter’s soak in your hot tub while overlooking miles of snow covered, forested landscape. Fish on a lake located just out of your own backdoor, with your own private marina. Alternatively, enjoy the many hiking, biking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, hunting and other recreational opportunities that a luxury home in these remote setting can afford.

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