I missed last week as I was away on my annual vacation to Salt Spring Island. Of course, we had the worst weather we've had in weeks while we were there but still had a good time. A couple of years ago, the owners of the resort that we stay at decided to strata the resort and sell off the individual cabins and camping spots. At the time, the (very) rustic one bedrooms sold for $60,000-$80,000. Now they have increased in value by 3 or 4 times their original purchase prices. Of course, our entire crew of vacationers (about 6 families) was saying "could have, should have"-something I swore I'd never say when I got into this business.

Anyhow, we recently just found out about another resort on Salt Spring offering full-ownership of their cabins from $329, 000. This resort has access to the only known mineral springs in the Gulf Islands and has an organic health spa on the premises. More information can be found at their real estate web site http://www.saltspringresort.com/.

On another note, I hope you have noticed our new flash image viewer. We finally decided to go ahead with this after much deliberation over slower image load time; however, so far, I think it is a definite improvement as  it adds an aesthetically pleasing look to the site while enabling buyers to view larger photos of the properties without having to scroll down the page. I hope you agree, but as always, any suggestions are welcome.