Since we launched the site in 2006, we have been consistently tracking the interest in different types of BC waterfront and the locations of visitors to our site (country, province, city, etc..) to get some insight into the BC recreational real estate market. We have witnessed the ups-and-downs of the market over the last 7 years, but even with the changing market and the corresponding changes to our site traffic, some statistics have remained relatively stable.

One thing that we have historically found to be consistent is the strong interest in lakefront property for sale in B.C.. Since our launch in 2006, BC lakefront real estate search terms have brought an overwhelming number of people to our site. These terms include searches with specific lake names and/or just general searches for lakefront property in British Columbia. In addition, the site overlay typically reveals that the most popular button for waterfront searches is the lakefront search.

The verdict: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that B.C. lakefront property is a hot commodity with buyers looking for recreational property here. So who are these buyers and where are they from? Well, since we have proof that many of our visitors are looking for lakefront, we can look at our general location stats and gain some insight. Here is a look at the breakdown of our Canadian traffic by province over the last 3 years (yip, the Albertans are still looking).


Here are the Top 5 Cities in Canada from which our site visitors hail (July 22, 2010-July 22, 2013):


What to do with all of this information? Well for a start, the next step for us at Waterfront West now that the new site is up and running, is to get some more lakefront property on the site for all of our lakefront buyers to peruse. We also plan to get some BC lakefront sales statistics to post on this blog so that our site visitors have the inside scoop and our buyers can go out lake house shopping armed with some solid knowledge of the market.

Our first area of focus will be Vancouver Island lakefront so please stay tuned!