700 Acres, Pitt Lake $8,385,000

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These properties are one of the largest assembled parcels of private recreational land within such close proximity to the Lower Mainland. The views are breathtaking, fronting two mountain rivers, with snowcapped mountains in most directions. These properties sit in a fairly wide and long valley offering some of the most picturesque scenery in the Lower Mainland. Most of the main properties are very flat and level except near the north end where the property climbs to a small hill. There are a number of small mountain creeks on the properties that run into Pitt River. Some of the shoreline along the river is truly beautiful especially after spring run off where areas along the river have formed white sandy beaches. Throughout these sandy beaches are small stands of aspen as shown in the photos. The mountain river on the east side of the properties has a bend in it just a short distance from the mouth of the river where there is a wide quiet area that is an ideal spot for fly fishing as shown in the photos. There are numerous game trails that lead from the valley floor to the high mountains and in the late spring and fall a large number of deer calls this unique property home. Elk are thriving in Upper Pitt Lake, a herd of 23 were relocated in January 2005.

District Lot 1723 - 132 Acres

This lot fronts on the Pitt River on the west and has an alternate Pitt River arm on the east boundary. This lot has approximately 2,600 feet of river frontage. The property is traversed north to south by an existing gravel road with 3,300 feet of road frontage. The property is well treed with alder, cottonwood and some spruce.

District Lot 2043 - 157 Acres

This property is bounded on the east by District Lot 3173 and on the west by District Lot 3162. The alternate Pitt River water channel runs through the northern boundary of this lot and could provide small boat access. The westernmost boundary is only 250 feet from the existing gravel road. The road distance from this property to the loading dock at the north end of Pitt Lake is .75 miles. The northeast portion of the property is marshy. The southeast and western portion contains some timber.

District Lot 3162 - 126.34 Acres

This lot fronts the Pitt River on its west boundary, it is bounded by District Lot 2043 on the east and District Lot 1723 on the north. There is approximately 3200 feet of river frontage. The subject property is well treed with predominately alder. The existing road traverses this property north to south with approximately 2300 feet of road frontage. The road distance to the loading dock at the north end of Pitt Lake is .75 miles.

District Lot 3173 - 97.30 Acres

This property is the most easterly property and irregular in shape. It is bounded on the west by District Lot 2043 and on the east by the alternate course of Pitt River. This property has a good length of water frontage and could provide direct water access with potential boating facilities to District Lot 2043 and 3162.

District Lot 4920 - 52.50 Acres

This lot is bounded on the north by District Lot 4922 and on the west southwest by the alternate course of the Pitt River. This property has no direct road access, however it is within 400 feet of the existing road through District Lot 1723.

District Lot 4922 - 95.50 Acres

This lot is bound by District Lot 4920 on its south boundary. Road access could be gained in conjunction with District Lot 4920.

District Lot 3168 - 72.70 Acres

This property is not adjacent with the other six properties and is slightly over 5 miles to the north by dirt road. Access is provided by dirt roads connecting to the area's existing main gravel road. This property has approximately 1300 feet of water frontage on the back channel of the Pitt River. There is approximately 68 acres of this lot, which is level with two creeks running north to south, of which approximately 15 acres was once cleared. The remaining 10 acres along the west boundary rises from a creek to approximately 700 feet at the west boundary.

These properties are very unique because of their size, beautiful scenery and close proximity to the Lower Mainland. scenery and close proximity to the Lower Mainland. There are numerous potential investment options. The highest and best use for the properties would be as a holding property with future potential when development is feasible and economically viable.

Another option is a Tree Farm. The owner has also been approached by a large hardwood paper company to lease the property for the growing of cottonwood.

A study was completed on building a ski hill in this valley. The initial reports on the snow conditions were extremely favorable. The owner of this property was approached in selling one parcel to this group to be used for building a ski lodge.

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Lot Acres : 733.04
Zoning : R 3 (Rural) (Contact NIHO for details) These properties are not in the ALR
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Pitt Lake, British Columbia
Region: Vancouver/Lower Mainland
Type of Waterfront: Lakefront
Ref #: NW1-7
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